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9110 Table Top Dispenser

The 9110 is a "plug and play" table top dispenser system for laboratory and dosing applications. It is supplied complete with pump unit, 1m of tubing, dispenser tip and holder, set of tube clips, universal power supply and instruction manual.  

Fitted with a quality 24 V DC motor geared to either 320 or 520 rpm the 9110 is a fully programmable, compact, and ecconomic dispenser.

› Simple calibration to tube size and media (reagent)
› Dose to exact required volume
› Time interval dispense mode (programmable delay and number of repeats)
› Electronic flow control to 180 ml/min
› Continuous dispense mode
› Input for remote foot pedal (or system signal)
› Flow direction switch
› 24 V DC for safe operation
› Easy and quick tube replacement
› Compact construction
› Self priming
› Range of alternative tube materials and sizes available.

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Available to purchase online via BOX-it (see order information below).


Although shown here as a finished system the 9110 can additionally be customised to meet OEM requirements. 

Technical Data

Flow Data (320 rpm model, part number 9110.000)
ID Ø 1.0 mm tube to 15 ml/m
ID Ø 2.0 mm tube (as supplied) to 50 ml/m
ID Ø 3.0 mm tube to 110 ml/m
Flow Data (520 rpm model, part number 9110.010)
ID Ø 1.0 mm tube to 25 ml/m
ID Ø 2.0 mm tube (as supplied) to 85 ml/m
ID Ø 3.0 mm tube to 180 ml/m
Tube Materials Silicone (as supplied) / Lagoprene / Pharm-a-line / ED-Plex
Voltage 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Power Supply Unit Output 24 V DC 1A
Adapters EU, UK, USA
Max pressure 1 bar
Max vacuum -950 mbar
DC motor life >2000 hour
Operating Temperature Range 10 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range 4 to 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity 90%
Storage Relative Humidity 95%
CE marked to EEC directives


Instruction Manual

9110 Instruction Manual



Order Information

Part Number:    

                        9110.000     9110 Table Top Dispenser     320 rpm     ⇒ BOX-it
                        9110.010     9110 Table Top Dispenser     520 rpm     ⇒ BOX-it


                        6013.000     Foot Switch
                        9100.005     Dispenser Tips 1-100µl (x 25)
                        9100.001     Mounting bracket / stand
                        9100.006     Dispenser set (1m tubing, connector, and dispenser tip)
                        3022.000     8 Way Dispenser Comb

                        Full range of tubing


All data is representative for initial selection purposes. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability for the intended use. These products are not suitable for in-vivo applications.

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