About UNS

Boxer GmbH is a designer and manufacturer of miniature diaphragm and peristaltic pumps for applications within the medical, life science, laboratory, environmental and industrial markkets. Our products cover air / gases to flows of 62 l/min and liquids to 3.4 l/min which are sold as components to be integrated into instruments and devices of original equipment manufacturers.

Our history dates back to 1984 under the company name Uno based in the UK. Initially as a product design company for medical and diagnostic devices, Uno produced the first Boxer pumps in 1995. With growing interest and success in the market, the portfolio rapidly expanded. Boxer GmbH, based in southern Germany, was founded in 2015 as a sales and marketing facility and following further expansion it acquired the Boxer pump range from Uno in 2019. The manufacturing location was transferred from the UK to Germany.

Today Boxer GmbH has over 30 product series split between air / gas diaphragm pumps, liquid diaphragm pumps and peristaltic pumps. Manufactured in Germany, we sell within the EU and export to virtually all countries worldwide. Some regions are supported through distribution and others are direct.

What can you expect from Boxer?

Our key strategy is an innovative product range combined with responsive service to transform specifications into solutions at an unrivalled pace. When working with Boxer you can expect:

Elegantly engineered product design with unique features
Expert technical and commercial support
Customised design and / or modifications
Over 1000 products available from our webshop for dispatch within 2 days
Supporting pump options and accessories including:

  • stepper motor drivers
  • encoders for speed and direction feedback
  • brushless motors with speed input and feedback output
  • PWM drivers
  • tube sets / tubing / tube connectors
  • vibration mounts

Through initial contact with Boxer, pricing will be supplied immediately with samples arriving within a few days along with design suggestions and costing for modifications. With our unbureaucratic approach, you will most likely receive information and hardware from Boxer well in advance of our competitors.


Boxer support environnemental protection in 2 distinct ways :

Firstly, we are proud that ours products are used in many devices used for environmental protection, monitoring and research. Boxer pumps play a key role delivering gas or liquid samples to the point of measurement. Examples are wastewater or air pollution monitors to warn of health risks or instruments to ensure emissions are kept within environmental regulations. High quality pumps are required with reliability, long lifetime and accuracy as key features.

Secondly, as a functioning company Boxer, we strive to support environmental protection and carbon foot print reduction through our policies and daily decisions. Example include:

  • our facilities are newly renovated with a high specification of insulation throughout
  • our heating is via a heat pump for 70% energy reduction additionally facilitating renewable energy source
  • our manufacturing processes do not include any hazardous chemicals nor fume discharges
  • no air conditioning is required
  • all lighting is LED
  • all paper, plastic, glass and bio waste is recycled
  • packaging is reused
  • the majority of our staff walk or cycle to work
  • extensive of sea freight (versus airfreight)