BLDC - without premium cost
Brushless motors offer extremely long life by eliminating the wearing part - the brushes. The commutator which energises the coils sequentially via mechanical contact of the carbon brushes is
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Webshop Upgrade
Where can you purchase peristaltic pumps online? Where can you find professional support to assist your selection? Boxer is a manufacturer of diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. Our products are used
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New Peristaltic Pump: 15KU
Boxer releases a new peristaltic pump range: 15KU. The 15KU is new peristaltic pump offering flow in the range 0 to 700 ml/min. It is suitable for tubing with ID of 1.6, 2.4, 3.2 and 4.8 m
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Encoder for closed loop dosing
  The popular 15KS and 15QQ peristaltic pump series is now available with a dual channel high definition encoder for closed loop dosing applications. The encoder fits neatly o
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New peristaltic pump: 30KS
Boxer releases new peristaltic pump series: 30KS The 30KS compliments the popular 25KS series by offering the user choice between concealed mounting achieved through a detachable head (25
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New tubing: Innovaprene P60
Boxer adds pharmaceutical grade tubing Innovaprene P60 to the portfolio. Innovaprene P60 is a pharmaceutical grade tube which makes it suitable for industrial, food, medical, biological an
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New peristaltic pump: 29QQ
Boxer is pleased to announce the release of the new peristaltic pump series: 29QQ The 29QQ is Boxer's smallest peristaltic pump with a body width of just 31.2 mm. It is available withan im
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Webshop tubing range extension
In addition to Pharm-a-line, Boxer now offers Lagoprene, ED-Plex and Silicone tubing for direct sales via the webshop. The 9K, 9QQ and 9QX peristaltic pumps are very popular webshop ite
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Boxer GmbH new location / address
Following the acquisition of Uno International Ltd, Boxer GmbH has moved to a new location in Ottobeuren. Both production and office administration are now in a modern and newly renovated facil
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Boxer GmbH acquires Uno
Boxer GmbH was founded in 2015 as the sister company to Uno with the primary role of sales and marketing. Following 5 years of close cooperation, Boxer GmbH has acquired Uno Product Development. Ur
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New Stepper Driver
Boxer is pleased to announce the release of a new miniature stepper driver with advanced features. The new Pico 1.4 Driver has been designed for the 9K, 9QQ and 9QX series from Boxer:
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ISO9001:2015 accreditation
Boxer GmbH is please to announce that its facility based in Ottobeuren / Germany has received ISO9001:2015 accreditation.
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