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Stepper Drivers

If ordered separately the stepper drivers will not be mounted to the pump.

Available to purchase online via BOX-it (see order information below).

Digital Stepper Driver - programmable

The Boxer digital stepper driver (iD) is a power and fully programmable controller designed specifically for use with the peristaltic pump series 25K, 15KS, 15QQ, 6K, 6KP, 9K, 9QQ and 9QX.

Features include:

› 3 Running modes (dispense, dose and analogue)
› LCD display
› Calibration for volumetric dispense
› Automatic stall and open lid detection (for 25K series only)
› Push button or remote inputs
› Programmable settings include acceleration, deceleration, time interval and suck-back.

When ordered with the 25K, 15KSand 15QQ the iD driver is neatly mounted on the back of the motor.

Wiring information:

Vin   = 24 V DC

A2    = green
A1    = black
B1    = red
B2    = blue

User Manual

Full connection and user information is available in the user manual:


Order Information

Part Number:     6900.011     iD Driver     ⇒ BOX-it

Analogue Stepper Driver - for external speed pot or direct voltage input

Available as 2 or 4 amp drivers:

A2 Driver:     2 amp, recommended for 9K, 9QQ, 9QX, and 15KS with Nema 17 motor and 15QQ with Nema 17 motor
A4 Driver:     4 amp, recommended for 15KS with Nema 23 motor, 15QQ with Nema 23 motor, 25K, 6K and 6KP

Can be used with an external potentiometer (left) or 0 to 5 V speed control signal applied directly to pin 8 (right).

Wiring to motor:

A+ = black
A-  = green
B-  = red
B+ = blue

Pin 8 (SPD, speed control) can be varied between 0 to 5 V DC.

High speed mode: 0 to 5 V DC = 0 to1900 rpm
Low speed mode: 0 to 5 V DC = 0 to 150 rpm

Additional speed ranges are available by altering the jumpers on the reverse of the driver. See datasheet for details.

Pins 3, 4, 5 and 6 are internally pulled up (with no connection to ground the driver enabled, on and in high speed mode).

Stop (pin 4 to GND) will lock the rotor with energised coils. Disable (pin 3 to GND) will switch off the coil outputs and the rotor can rotate freely.

Always start at low rpm and increase to find max speed (stall point of motor).

To avoid high motor surface temperatures at slow speed operation the current should be limited. See datasheet for details.


Order Information

Part Number:     6900.003     A2 Driver         ⇒ BOX-it
Part Number:     6900.007     A4 Driver         ⇒ BOX-it

Potentiometer - for A2 and A4 Drivers

Wirewound 10KΩ potentiometer with 10 turns for precise speed control when used with the A2 and A4 drivers above.

Supplied wired ready for direct connection to the drivers.


Order Information

Part Number:     6900.113     10K Pot (wired)     ⇒ BOX-it

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