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3MD Series

The 3MD series is the new compact version of the double headed 3K pump. Highest quality con-rod and motor bearings ensure lowest power consumption and, combined with slow speed, maximum operational life. This series additionally offers a unique detachable motor construction allowing contaminated heads to be economically exchanged.

The 3MD series is offered with 2 different motors: brushed DC and brushless DC.

› Flow rate to 2.5 l/min
› Robust / long life
› Detachable motor
› BLDC with speed control input and frequency  (RPM) output
› Single (3K) and Quad (3MQ) versions are also available

Gas versions of this series is available with 3K, 3KD and 3KQ.

Fixing brackets are included as standard.

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Brushed motor available in 12 and 24 V.

Technical Data

Free Flow 2.5 l/min
Max Pressure 2.0 bar
Max Vacuum -600 mbar
Free Flow (gas / dry) 3.7 l/min
Max suction Height (dry) 4.5 m H2O
Voltage Options 12 / 24 V DC
Power Consumption 8.4 to 15.5 W
Max Ambient Operating Temperature 50 °C
Max Media Temperature 100 °C
Elastomers Options EPDM / Nitrile
Other Wetted Parts PPS (polyphenylene sulphide)
Weight 420 g
The above data is for parallel head connection. Series connection should only be used if higher dry suction height is required.


Order Information

Part Number:     3232.129     12 V DC / EPDM      ⇒
Part Number:     3232.131     12 V DC / FKM        ⇒
Part Number:     3232.254     24 V DC / EPDM      ⇒
Part Number:     3232.258     24V DC / FKM         ⇒

Brushless (BLDC) motor available in 24 V. 

Technical Data

Free Flow 2.2 l/min
Max Pressure 2.0 bar
Max Vacuum -70%
Max Suction Height (dry) 2.5 m H2O
Voltage 24 V DC
Power Consumption 2.0 to 9.5 W
Speed Input 0.5* to 4.5 V (167* to 1500 rpm)
*not recommended to run below 400 rpm (1.2 V)
Frequency (RPM) Output 1 pulse per revolution
Lead Length 40 cm
Max Ambient Operating Temperature 50 °C
Max Media Temperature 100 °C
Elastomers Options EPDM / FKM/ Nitrile / Silicone
Other Wetted Parts PPS (polyphenylene sulphide)
Weight 385 g



Motor Information

This motor is supplied with 4 wires:

Red         + 24 V DC supply
Black       GND
Green*    0.5 to 4.5 V DC (or 5.0V PWM, min. 15kHz signal) speed control
              Not recommended to run below 1.2 V / 400 RPM
Yellow     Frequency (RPM) Output, 1 pulse (5.0 V)  per revolution with 50% on-time

* Green wire can be connected to +24 V supply (red wire) for full speed


Order Information

Part Number:     3232.660       24 V BLDC / EPDM     
Part Number:     3232.665       24 V BLDC / FKM       

All data is representative for initial selection purposes. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability for the intended use.

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