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Miniature Diaphragm Pumps for Liquid

The Boxer liquid diaphragm pump portfolio extends from a free flow of 150 ml/min to 3.4 l/min across 6 platforms. Solutions and sub-assemblies are offered fully customised based on this range or indeed developed completely new.

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› Flow to 160 ml/min    
› Pressure to 2.0 bar
› Vacuum to -400 mbar
› Inlet pulsation chamber
› DC and BLDC with integrated driver


› Flow to 0.8 l/min    
› Pressure to 2.0 bar
› Vacuum to -700 mbar
› Strong gas / liquid mixture performance
› Integrated pulsation chamber
› As gas pump: 19K


› Flow to 1.0 l/min    
› Pressure to 2.0 bar
› Vacuum to -750 mbar
› Minimised pulsation through 2 heads
› Encoder option for rpm feedback


› Flow to 1.5 l/min   
› Pressure to 2.0 bar
› Vacuum -800 mbar
› Slow running motor
› Robust and longlife
› As gas pump: 3K


› Flow to 2.5 l/min   
› Pressure to 1.6 bar
› Vacuum to -700 mbar
› Detachable heads
› Compact and robust
› As gas pump: 3KD


› Flow to 3.4 l/min   
› Pressure to 2.0 bar
› Vacuum to -500 mbar
› Detachable heads
› Compact and robust
› As gas pump: 3KQ

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Miniature Diaphragm Pumps for Liquid

Liquid diaphragm pumps are used where the requirements determine the need for a totally sealed system and the ability to self-prime. A Boxer liquid diaphragm pump additionally has the ability to transfer liquid, air or a mixture of both. The technology is suited to systems requiring both vacuum to 8m suction height and pressures to approximately 3 bar. The smallest Boxer liquid diaphragm pump is the 16K with an open flow of 150ml/m. These pumps are targeted at applications such as industrial ink jet printing or chemical analyser systems. Fine flow control via motor speed as well as brushless commutation are often specified for such applications. Moving through the range applications extend to liquid dispensing and waste liquid transfer in larger analytical applications. The 3MQ with a flow of 3.5 l/m is the largest liquid diaphragm pump in the Boxer range. Liquid pumps are built on platforms often additionally utilised as a gas diaphragm pump. With differing requirements characteristics such as speed, stroke, valves, elastomer choice and pulsation chambers are adapted to exactly match the media. To complement the full range of liquid pumps Boxer additionally offers a full range of peristaltic pumps.

Liquid Diaphragm Pump Datasheets

The following PDF datasheets are available:

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