3K Liquid Diaphragm Pump


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Motor / Voltage
Part Number: 3211.650

12 V BLDC liquid diaphragm pump.

4 wires:
red = supply 
(+12 V DC) 
black  = GND 
green  = speed input (0 to 5V or 0 to 100% PWM)  
yellow  = tacho output (1 pulse per revolution)
*can be connected to supply valtage for full speed

Supplied with mounting clip (not shown in photo).

Recommended tubing: 4.8mm ID silicone (see accessories below)

Product information "3K Liquid Diaphragm Pump"

Flow to 1.5 l/m
Pressure to 2.0 bar
Vacuum to -800 mbar
Suction height (dry) to 4m