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New DB8B(S) and DB15B(S)

Boxer adds the DB8B / DB8BS and DB15B / DB15BS linear pumps from Diann Bao / Airmac to their portfolio.

The DB8B / DB8BS and DB15B / DB15BS series of linear air pumps are popular OEM components for applications which require exceptional long life and low pressure / vacuum differentials. Powered by a linear drive the wearing parts are limited to the diaphragm and valves only and not bearings or brushes as with conventional rotational motor driven pumps. These series suitable for applications such as continuous gas monitoring, massage systems, battery aeration system and fragrance generation.

Full technical information:

 ⇒ DB8B / DB8BS
 ⇒ DB15B / DB15BS

Online webshop for samples:

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