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DB8B and DB8BS

The DB8B and DB8BS is the 22.5 l/min miniature linear diaphragm pump from Airmac. Without the need for bearings or brushes, these linear driven pumps have extremely long life in comparision to conventional motor driven pumps. With an OEM component deisgn these pumps are ideally suited to applications requiring long life, low pressure differentials and low sound. Examples are continuous air / gas monitoring, medical massage systems and fragrance generation. They are supplied with inlet (BS model) and outlet porting, integrated vibration mounts and connection leads. Available voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz.

› Flow rate to 22.5 l/mim
› OEM component with inlet (BS model) and outlet ports
› Low sound level
› Low power consumption
› Lightweight / compact
› Integrated vibration mounts
› Long life linear drive

DB8B is pressure only (with outlet port only, inlet is via an orifice on underside of pump).

DB8BS is for vacuum and pressure (with inlet and outlet ports).

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Available to purchase online via BOX-it (see order information below).

Technical Data

Operating Flow Range 0 to 22.5 l/min
Operating Pressure Range 0 to +200 mbar
Flow (at 100 mbar) 12.0 l/min
Operating Flow Range 0 to 18.0 l/min
Operating Pressure Range -160 to +200 mbar
Flow (at 100 mbar) 9.0 l/min
Power Consumption (at 100 mbar) 10.0 W
Current Consumption (at 40 mbar)
230 V / 50 Hz 0.09 A
Cable Length 540 mm
Cable Termination 10 mm stripped / soldered
Approvals CE (according to EN60335, electrical household appliances), RoHS
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +40 °C
Operating Humidity Range 20 to 80% RH
Inlet 6.0 mm OD straight port
Outlet 8.0 mm OD straight port
Weight 1.1 kg

DB8B (with outlet port)

Order Information

Part Number:     130008.230     DB8B 230 V / 50 Hz    

 DB8BS (with inlet and outlet port)

Order Information

Part Number:     131008.230     DB8BS 230 V / 50 Hz     ⇒

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