7KQ Diaphragm Pump


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Motor / Voltage
Part Number: 7004.012

12 V DC motor driven gas diaphragm pump.
Red marking on heads indicates outlet ports.
Supplied with vibration mounts (as shown in photo).
Addtionally supplied with 4 x L and 2 x T barb connectors
for 8mm ID tubing to allow series or parallel configuration
(not shown in photo).

Recommended tubing: 8.0mm ID silicone (see accessories below)

Product information "7KQ Diaphragm Pump"

Flow to 62.0 l/m
Pressure to 600 mbar
Vacuum to -400 / -850* mbar

* with all 4 heads connected in series.

Accessory Items

Innovasil (2.4 mm wall)
Tube Size: Innovasil G60 8.0 x 2.4 mm x 1 m