New peristaltic pump: 29QQ

New peristaltic pump: 29QQ


Boxer is pleased to announce the release of the new peristaltic pump series: 29QQ

The 29QQ is Boxer's smallest peristaltic pump with a body width of just 31.2 mm. It is available withan impressive range of options:

• flow to 50 ml /min
• stepper or DC motor driven
• suitable for 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mm tubing
• tubesets available in Pharm-a-line, Silicone, Lagoprene and ED-Plex
• pre assembled Pico 1.4 driver option (for stepper version)
• lid close sensor option
• speed sensor / encoder options for both stepper and DC motor versions
• extensive webshop availability

Full details: 29QQ Webpage

Webshop: 29QQ Stepper
Webshop: 29QQ DC