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Pharm-a-line™ Tubing


Boxer is pleased to announce, that with immediate effect, the tubing portfolio has been enhanced through the stocking and distribution of Pharm-a-line™, a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer tubing in both 1.0mm and 1.6mm (1/16") wall thickness. Pharm-a-line™ is a product of TBL Plastics, a precision tube and fittings manufacturer based out of New Jersey, USA. This tubing has been specifically designed to provide superior performance in combination with peristaltic pumps for applications within the pharmaceutical, biological and food and beverage industries. Additionally it provides exceptional life with Boxer's unique floating saddle technology, which can be found in the 9QQ and 15QQ peristaltic pumps.

⇒ Full Pharm-a-line™ technical, regulatory and compatibility information

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