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Uno was established in 1984 in London as a product design and development partnership focusing on the development of medical and diagnostic instrumentation. The first Boxer pump was released in 1995 to meet the specific needs of a product requiring exceptional performance to size ratio which was not available on the market.

As the pump design proved itself in the field, interest grew for further developments. The Boxer product range was born and expanded rapidly.

The current Boxer portfolio is based on 35 series of gas diaphragm, liquid diaphragm, peristaltic pumps and table top dispensers.  With 25% of the current platforms being released in the past 4 years Boxer offers an exceptionally healthy mix of established product and new product generations benefiting from latest materials, designs and motor technology.

Arjoin is a long established partner based in Shanghai, China, with the responsibility of local sales and distribution. To enhance logistics and efficiencies a separate limited liability company called Boxer Shanghai has been newly formed offering local manufacturing to this territory.

Boxer GmbH was formed in 2015 as the sister company to Uno International Ltd and is located near the city of Memmingen in Southern Germany.

For details of regional responsibilities please refer to the contact page.

BOXER is a worldwide resigistered trademark.

All products are designed and manufactured under stringent quality control procedures.

What can you expect from Boxer?

'Not another regular design' is a good starting point. Boxer products are always unique and loaded with intelligent features.

Examples can be found in:

• Slow running pumps offering advantages in sound and life but, paradoxically, more compact than traditional designs
• Brushed motor solutions with life in excess of 10,000 hours
• Enhanced peristaltic tube life through an innovative floating saddle design
• 12 channel peristaltic pumps with channel-to-channel calibration including integrated rotor position sensor
• Peristaltic pump / tube configuration offering 9000+ hours from a single tube
• Full range of encoders, stepper and BLDC motor drivers, including USB interface and dedicated software

Unburdened with bureaucracy, doing business with Boxer is refreshingly uncomplicated. Additionally, recognising the importance of customer timelines, design challenges are transformed into solutions at an unrivalled pace.    

Boxer Pumps
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